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Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Diet Pills

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Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Diet Pills

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Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen is a Chinese herbal slimming product, it contains kinds of ingredients to work wonderful to reduce weight, being appreciated for years as an excellent weight control, the main ingredients bee pollen contained in Ziu Xiu Tang is low in calories and contains natural Phenylalanine which acts as appetite suppressant and Lecithin that helps dissolve and flush fat from the body, that is, detoxification and cleansing. Besides, it has ability to rejuvenate the body, stimulates organs, enhances vitality and accelerate rate of recovery.

1. If having gastrointestinal problem, you can take the pills an hour after breakfast
2. It is much better if eating less or no High-starch, high-sugar or high-calorie foods
3. Take at least 8 cups of water a day when taking the diet pills
4. If you are doing exercise to lose weight at the same time, taking the pills an hour before exercises will help to get better effect
5. Don't take it before sleep
6. It can't be used as diet supplement and medicine
7. Not for adolescents, elderly, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding,
8. People who suffer from liver, kidney, heart disease, high blood pressure etc., depression people or anyone with bee or pollen allergies can not take it

[Specification] 250mg*48 Capsules/Bottle
[Dosage] Once a day, 2 grains each time; take it separately or together with food in the morning.
[Targeted Group] pure fatness, postpartum fatness, people who are unable to reduce and control their weight with proper diet or sports
[Storage] Sealed and put in a cool and dry place
[Shelf Life] 3 years
[Approval Code]QWSZZ (2003) No.016
[Executive Standard]Q/ZXT01-2004
[Supervisor] Guangzhou Zi Xiu Tang Biotechnology Co., Ltd & Haikou Branch

5 Stars ( Total 188 Reviews)

I never had any side effects at all from taking this supplement, as I always following the instructions and combine them with diets and exercises. It can be a good addition if you want to lose weight and start a brand-new life.

Having been very disappointed with some weight loss products before, honestly I just want to try my fortune on this zi xiu tang bee pollen. To my surprise, it came into effect very quickly, without causing me sick or uncomfortable. My mid-section look much thinner now and I can definitely feel the effect is still continuing.

Satisfied with my purchase! by Kimberly Henderson
I’m quite pleased with my purchase of bee pollen , as it works as stated and more!! I felt my body warmer and there are no jitters or other discomfort. Great product.

don't hesitate to try.. by Linda Robinson
It’s definitely true that you will feel more energy with this zi xiu tang capsule, and yes, it will works for you just like what it does on me. Trust me, you won’t throw away your money, just give it a shot.

Bee pollen is the right product that helps me cut down the extra pounds. It lived up to the hype, and more importantly, it didn’t make me dizzy or nervous like other products have. My advice is to drink a lot of water when taking the pills, as this will keep your body hydrated and your mind fresh.

A FANTASTIC STUFF! by Louise Kelly
My eating habit has changed a lot since taking Zi Xiu Tang slimming capsules. I lost my interest in snacks which I crave a lot between meals before. Also, I begin to work out, which I normally don’t in the past. I love this change, and would like to highly recommend this fantastic supplement.

I did see the results! by Wanda Carter
Besides diets and exercises, bee pollen diet pill has been part of my weight loss regimen for about 1 month. I can absolutely see the results, as my metabolism has increased a lot and I’m losing weight in a very natural way. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed.

Lost 19 lbs so far. by Phyllis Jenkins
I’m ready to make the 3rd purchase of Bee Pollen weight loss pills. This supplement really controlled my appetite, but the best part is it doesn’t make my heart race. I have lost about 19 pounds so far, and hopefully I will realize my slimming dram very soon.

Satisfied with the pills by Vickie Allison
Be patient with the pills. Your body is probably just not used to it. Drink lots of water and continue with your normal day. I lost 13 lbs in 2 months and I, myself , feel satisfied with the effect.

no side effects  by Suellen Durr
Very effective pills, I started to take this slimming pill 2 months ago as a friend recommended it to me and said she has lost her baby fat with it, now I am very happy with the result, I have went from 140 to 134 in about 2 weeks, and keep going without any side effect.

Expect big surprise by Viola Murray
After taking the pills for 2 weeks, I am not bloated anymore, I feel better about myself and I feel more energetic. Towards the afternoon, I do start to feel tired, but I eat a small dinner and go to bed. I believe I would get big surprise after using out the pills I bought.

5 star product  by Tashia Bernstein
I was about 178 lbs before and now I'm 145 lbs, lost it in 2 months. I’m keeping taking and just bought some more. very good, make me drink a lot of water all the day. keep me full, not hungry, really 5 star product.

I have been taking the beepollen diet pills for 3 months and have lost 27 pounds. I also do exercise 2 times a week. The product give me energy, I do not feel hungry after doing exercises. I appreciate it very much.

Positive effect by Erma Martinez
This beepollen diet pills make me sweat a lot, takes a lot of power not to get irritated more then usual. Besides dry mouth, I am thinking the mental side effects are just psychological. Seems that the pills have some positive effect indeed.

good  by Chia Sun
I am really happy with the effect I got, I have shrunk down from a size 18 to 14! Recommend you these great tablets as long as you can bear some side effect like thirsty, trouble sleeping as much extra energy. For me they are quite good.

all is good  by Natasha Scott
I am very excited since I had been on a size 14 for 2 years and now a size 10. I get great benefit from this zixiutang diet pills, and the customer service is so good, timely and kindly. I would like to recommend this website to others.

I have taken these pills over 2 month now and I have lost 27 lbs. Of course, I love them very much. They are great. I have no side effects only dry mouth and about the drug screening, I recently had one for a new job and everything came out good I got my JOB.

My appetite is almost completely gone. It gets tough to need to eat and totally be turned off to the idea. I have taken this diet pills for about half a month, and it seems that my success is just at the corner.

Work well on me  by Rosemarie Castillo
After taking this zixiutang beepollen diet pills, I am always thirsty, so I drink a lot of water and I do eat, but not as much as I used to. I don't finish everything on my plate, which I think is good. Did they work for you?

I like zi xiu tang by Teresa Mckenzie
It’s true what they say. the older you get the harder it is to lose weight!!! all I wanted to do is lose 15 lbs., that wasn't so easy till i heard about the zi xiu tang from a friend of mine. lets try them.... I love this product! It has helped me with not only curbing my appetite, but my energy and mood levels are much better. Recommend this.

I tried and failed using countless other supplements to increase my metabolism, most of them didn’t work , some of them even made me fatter. until I met this zi xiu tang product. This is really an amazing product. I’m ready to place another order for my family member.

Amazing by Antonio Horton
The fat has been burning at a great rate. Since I have taken zi xiu tang , I lost 9 lbs in the first 2 weeks of taking them. I would recommend these to anyone who is serious about changing their weight and body.

very much by Roderick Taylor
I have researched it online after seeing the great different on my sister. It seems there are a lot of people are using this product , so do I. I've had good results with this so far and will continue to use it. It is worthy of being trusted in.

Wonderful product!! by Jacqueline Alexander
Wonderful product!! I'm losing weight and don't feel hungry! Highly recommend! No side effects whatsoever and the price is great

ON MY WAY by Nancy Gray
Just started using bee pollen diet pills and lost 2 pounds in less then a week time and sleeping more soundly...wake up feeling restful.

Love this Product. My boyfriend and I have been losing weight together.I feel better last longer at work and have toned up overnight. He looks fabulous. We cannot say enough about this product.

When I bought my first bottle I didn't do any research, probably because I didn't have faith it would work. I'm now on my third bottle and I've done my own research and this product is far superior to the other 2 brands I tried. I've lost over 9 pounds so far.

I'm a 29 year old male.I started taking this supplement 2 months ago when I weighed in at 226 lbs and now I'm at 205 lbs.True I have been doing weight watchers and exercising,but never have I seen the lbs burn off so consistently than these Zi Xiu Tang in the past 2 months.

It is worthy of being trusted in by Geraldine Chandler
As far as weight loss goes, it is much too soon to tell. The item did arrive within a couple of days of ordering. And now I only have 4lbs left to take off, now I worry about maintain while I’m trying to have a healthier diet.

So far so good. Makes you never hungry! No negative side effects so far! Will continue to keep using to see results.

Recommend this by Mathew Alexander
I've been losing weight for the past four months. Yeah! zi xiu tang, Overall, I've lost 25 pounds in four months. I was pleased with the product. Try and you will get amazing result.

Here's a product that does exactly what is stated on the label-Bee Pollen capsules. It is truly a natural appetite suppressant and much, much more. It has helped me feel better, lose weight, and gain energy. I went from a size 16 to a size 12 in jeans. I'm starting to tighte

good product by Ruth Cox
It is a good product.I feel energetic and body fat burning after one week taking the supplyment.I wish to lose 10 pounds more,thinking it will work.

best weight loss pills by Marion Norris
I decided to try this product after seeing my sister’s success with zi xiu tang . she lost almost about 15 pounds . I realize everyone physical makeup is different and my weight loss ratio to time element is not recommended by the medical society, but I really do need to lose weight. I am happy with this purchase and enjoyed the experience very much.

No side effects by Genevieve Steele
No strange side effect at all, I now have taken beepollen capsules for 2 month, it do works, but seems slowly, 15 lbs dropped, I am wondering if I need to take one more pill a day

This product works good by Earl Webster
I have been taking my pills everyday, last for a week now. I have lost 4 lbs. i really satisfied with this product. And I will try to increase the dosage , I m 99kg, I need to lose so much weight. But I am confident in this pills, I believe it can help me.

Great weight loss pills by Harvey Berry
today, but for me, this one is good product, I taken this for 2 months already. And I lost 10lbs , they may work slow but steady. I like this feeling.

It does cut my size down. by Andrea Garcia
I've been on this for about three weeks and I've lost about three pounds after having plateaued. It's nice to be making progress again.I'm all for anything that won't decrease my muscle mass. When I cut calories and work out a lot, I'm more likely in good mood.

good pills,Amazing by Rosemary Franklin
I’ve been using bee pollen zi xiu tang for 2 months now and I’m still using it .This is a great product, with the holidays coming, its going to be hard to resist all those cookies, I will continue to buy this product.

AWESOME PRODUCT. by Karen Coleman

I have tried something before this one. even though I was skeptical, with the low price I decided to give it a try. And it turns out zi xiu tang is real stuff , it takes few days for me to get the package .but I do satisfied with it as far. I want to lose 32 lbs and I believe this will help me.

Really love it. by Lydia Patrick
I love this bee pollen diet totally . I have never ever used such a great product just like zi xiu tang. This is my first time to use it and this would be the only one I will use in the future and also for my family. This product works good. Thanks.

After using countless diet pills that haven't worked, I finally found one that seems to be working. My problem was that I was always hungry all the time, but since I have started taking these Zi Xiu Tang slimming capsule,my appetite has really been curbed.

Really works great! by Kathryn King
These diet pills really do help suppress your appetite and help you lose weight as long as you are eating healthier.

This stuff is great. by Sandra Wright
This stuff is great.I love it!I was a little skeptical at first when I read all the reviews, but I have been taking this for about a month and I am sleeping better, losing weight and my cravings for sweets have been so much less.

Does what it claims by Gloria Thomas
I have tried many products that claim to curb appetite but this product really does. I have noticed a big difference in my hunger over the last two weeks that I have used it. I did what it asked and it is absolutely effective.

bee diet pills by Brittany Austin
With so many conflicting messages about zi xiu tang as one of the best weight loss formulas available

good pills by Jeremy French
I have taken this for nearly a month , and I had no real side effects only feel thirsty . I have full stomach. For me, lose weight is easy .only if I control my appetite. This product is perfect for me. Really love it.

Try it out..! by Doris Edwards
I have tried many different weight loss products and some give me the jitters or even upset my stomach. This product has no side effects and actually works! The customer service is excellent. Try it out..

amazing by Billy Mcdonald
And I recommend the obesity fell free to try this.

WOW,feeling great! by Cynthia Murphy
Feeling great! Friend of my introduced me to this slimming product Zi Xiu Tang and after much speculation we gave it a go. We have been using it for a month and notice changes!!!

The effect is obvious by Melissa Hall
I'll admit I haven't taken the bee pollen capsules for a month (or rather, 20 day), simply because I'm bad at remembering to take pills consistently. However, whenever I do take them, I take them as recommended, 2 pills before or with breakfast.The effect is obvious anyway.

I have tried 3 brands of slimming products and Bee Pollen has been the only brand that has actually helped me lose weight and feel great.I would recommend this product not only because of the results, but the customer service is also great.

This is his wife.I have been struggling with my weight for awhile now. I had two children within 16 mths of each other and sometimes life just gets in the way. I wanted to begin my new lifestyle and frankly I was struggling. I decided to try this product to lose some weight.

works!!!!! by Ann Wilson
Really curves appetite. Lost 4 lbs in a month without any working out.I do notice a difference in my pant size. Will continue taking it and adding exercise.

Good by Kayla Larson
I had used zi xiu tang capsule 1 years ago, the product worked great on me. I start to use this again this year. And my goal is 30 lbs. I’m so happy that I can find this product again. And the price is good. I’ll order more for sell if they work for me this time.

Give it 5 stars. by Angela Coleman
I bought this bottle recently and can definitely see results. Their customer service was friendly as well, they even gave me some pointers and tips on using the product. Always great to deal with companies that have a focus on customer service.

I have been taking Zi Xiu Tang for about 4 weeks I've lost 5 pounds also taking along with some vitamin supplement. Really please with progress and will purchase all 3 products again!

I have been using these bee pollen pills in combination with aerobic exercises since I started to live healthier several months ago this year. I changed my diet and started exercising more regularly. Not only have I gone down from 202 lbs to 165lbs, but also have better metabolism.Simply the best product I have had.

I began using this product when I received it about 3 to 4 weeks ago. The initial thing that I noticed was how much more energy I had. Since I started taking the bee pollen zxt, I have lost 1.5 pounds - my goal is to lose 20 pounds.

Wonderful diet pills by Angela Patton
Zixiutang beepollen pills has given me back what I thought I'd never have again, self esteem. I continue to lose inches, slow sure but I don't want it too fast either or it will come right back. Like the mode zixiutang works.

feel comfortable by Bertha Becker
Zixiutang beepollen pills works well and it's not harsh on my digestive system. I know I'll buy it again! It comfortably keeps me regular. Like it so much and down to 125 lbs now.

so fortunate by Roxanne Roy
My main dieting issue is that I constantly get the urge to nibble away at foods. In order to lose weight, I just had to find a good weight loss supplement that could suppress my hunger. I am so fortunate that I find this zixiutang beepollen pills and get some different with this product. I would like to use the pills until I achieve my goal.

awesome by Geneva Grant
My brother recommend this amazing product to me and it is so awesome. I feel less bloated and feel awesome taking it. Now both my brother and I get good results from it.

Good by Karen Wade
just got my order, it took about a week, which isn't too long. I will take the pills from tomorrow, I hope I can get good result. I will recommend this zixiutang beepollen diet pills to people around me if the products work well.

Going into my third week on Bee Pollen and lost so far close to 8 pounds. Definitely keeping my appetite down, especially my snack cravings and I have no side effects to report. I do work out daily, drinking plenty of water and I am eating a clean diet

I have only been taking this beepollen diet pills for a few days but it is really doing the job I feel great more energy and less hungry...a great product. I would like to introduce more customers for you and in fact, I am interested in the distributor.

Buy for my mom by Jodi Simmons
I have been using these for over a year and have recommended it to friends. Most of us get big befits from this zixiutang pills. In all this is a very good slimming product.

Since taken this product, my appetite becomes smaller and my energy level raised. It seems to even effect cravings, mentally.....Like this product so much and would like to use it for long.

I like many other customers read reviews and saw the remarkable amount of reviews on this brand.I was determined to try it for myself.I have been using the Chinese zi xiu tang bee pollen for 4 weeks.I am down 5.6 lbs for the month. While that is not the end,the effect is still continuing.

After taking this pills for 3 months, I couldn't believe the scale when I got on, I feel so incredible and on top of that I look incredible too. I never feel hungry and as of today I am down 24 pounds! So excited and happy with the result.

I have been taking Zi Xiu Tang diet pills for about two weeks and absolutely love this product. I have lost 6 lbs already. I feel much happier, healthier, and stress free. I recently found out I was being laid off, and since starting these pills I get a better job.

Be worthy of having a try by Kristin Larson
Without any changing of my diet and daily life, I have lost 19 lbs in 2 months by taking my zixiutang beepollen, I am really happy the result I got, everyone, it definitely worth trying.

Good by Jana Rios
I used the pills for 2 months so far, have lost 17 lbs in all, I have no pills now, because I shared my pills with my friends. But I still want to loose another 15 or 20 more lbs. I will order my second parcel after make up my balance of the card. THANKS

I used this capsules 2 months ago and get satisfied result. Now my mom and sister are taking beepollen diet pills as well and they are both doing great just as me. I highly suggest these for anyone! We all like this amazing product.

Let me just start off by saying that I do not believe there are any over the counter pills. But after using this product, I changed my review and believe in that diet pills are effective. I am so happy with the result this zixiutang beepollen diet pills brings to me and would like to share my experience with all my friends, especially those who are obesity.

Work well, good product by Ethel Dawson
1 capsule 30 mins before breakfast, with much water, feel good all day long. Hopefully it will help with my weight loss efforts

Suppress my appetite by Ida Meyer
I really can’t say enough good things about this product, I lost so much with it!! 25 pounds within one and half month! it is definitely suppressing my appetite

My sister recommend this product and this web to me, as she lost 10 lbs in a month. I'm going to try this diet pill and change nothing in my daily routine, I lost about 00 lbs in the first month and I hope I can lose more, I have 5 boxes left and hope to lose 50 lbs with them.

It worth a shot. by Marilyn Lopez
Like most people,I have tried every weight loss program,food,drink and magic jelly beans on the market! While they might work, they are not sustainable. Having heard about ZXT through friends, family and media, I made sure I did enough research and it worth a shot.

so well by Paula Moreno
I have bought this for my son who weighs 220 lbs. After one month, he feels slimmer with his cloths looser. It's great product. I think my son is too fat and as the pills working so well, I would like to place a second order for him.

Bought the pills for my mom by Sandy Wilkerson
Do not take this zixiutang beepollen diet pills on an full stomach, I learned that the hard way! It is best take this product 30 mins before breakfast, drink as much water as you can and then you can get the best result.

I began using zxt bee pollen as directed.I also started watching what i was eating and increased my exercise.I have lost 4 inches in a few months! I could not be more pleased.I would like to highly recommend this product.

Have been taking them for almost 3 weeks, and 7 lbs lost, so far very satisfied, it suppress my appetite so I eat in small amounts healthy. I have another 20 lbs to lose, I have 2 boxes of this pills and I hope it is enough

So far so good with this product. I'll write more when I loose all the weight.Customer service is great, they have knowledgeable people that you can talk with to guide you while taking the product to ensure the best possible results.

Great product even recommended it to my mother and sisters and they all love it! Thank you for the overview of the product. Hope those who need to lose weight get result as me

Really appreciated. by Ruth Anderson
I'm tired of wasting money on slimming products that either don't work or work for a little while and stop. But Zixiutang beepollen pills changed my reviews, I would recommend this product as one of the best slimming supplement I've seen or tried. Just have a try.

Sleep well after taking this by Kimberly Stevens
5 stars for sure, great product. Have told so many people about my results. Sleep better and make better food choices. Thank you for all your help

Both of us get good result by Rochelle Goodwin
My friend suggest zixiutang beepollen dist pills to me and I ordered for my sister and myself. Taken it for about 2 months now and lost 19 lbs. My sister lost 23 lbs, we get the similar result and feel satisfied with the pills, Thanks and will continue to take the pills

Love this pills so much by Margie Ortega
I love beepollen capsule. I only wanted to loss 20 lbs. First bottle I lost 7 lbs, in a month. Which is a lot for me. I've always exercised but the weight just never came off. I'm so excited about my next bottle :) i hope it will help me like the first bottle

Do not feel hungry by Della Long
I'm going to accomplish beepollen soon, lost 17 lbs, with 2 boxes. I am so happy that I ordered an amazing product. And I am highly satisfied.

Love this product so much by Rosemary Myers
After a couple of tries with other products, I found beepollen diet pills. All I can say is my waistline is trim, and I love it! It seems that my body becomes thinner and thinner after taking this product. Love this product so much.

Zixiutang diet pills is a great product. It is everything it says it its. It works great for that extra few pounds you need to lose. Just have a try and you will love it.

great appetite suppressant by Jacqueline West
I have been on the zixiutang beepollen for about 3 weeks, feel full all day long and I have already lost 11 pounds. It definitely WORKS and is a great appetite suppressant. No exercise required!

Ordered my pills hopefully by Denise Hughes
On a party I found my friend is much thinner than before and she told me this pills. I am so excited to hear this wonderful news!!! she looks so beautiful with her smaller size clothes, so I ordered my own beepolen and I couldn’t wait and started to try

My wife used this and she loved it, she only used that pills for a month and lost 9 lbs, but you have to drink lots of water. The real point of it, it takes off the weight and keep it off even if you stopped. This is satisfied

Effective by Latoya Alvarez
Unlike a lot of diet pills, this is actually made from pure herbs. It has been effective for getting me on track and the all natural antioxidants are like getting a second product for free.

Feel excited by Whitney Owens
I love beepollen very much, with the first bottle I lost 7 lbs, and now on next bottle, I did many exercises before, but no, never change, so I am so excited about the effect it brings to me. Recommend to u. Good luck

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