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News; 4 Fruits and Vegetables for Weight Loss

Published: Wednesday 27 August, 2014

You probably have tried various ways to reduce weight, diets, exercises, etc., but you may still suffer the failure due to many factors, for example physical difference. Therefore, we highly recommend you learn the following methods while taking the well-received
Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen.

Besides Bee pollen diet pills , many fruits and vegetables have the function of slimming. They are not only delicious,but also easy to make you feel full. What are they?

1. Celery -- Best for Thinning Face

Usually a large celery contains about 4~5 calories, but it needs to burn 5~8 calories when chewing it, and then about 5 calories when swallowing into the stomach. Thus, you can slim down simply by eating celery, as the calorie required to digest it is much more than that of celery itself.

2. Strawberry-- Best for Thinning Waist

Strawberries don't seem to appear very often in the diets of fruit and vegetable, but it's best for cutting down the love handles. Victoria, Beckham's wife, also benefited a lot from this wonderful fruit. It's because strawberry contains a magical substance called aspartic acid, which can help the body eliminate fat and toxins, by naturally & gently removing the excess water from the waist, and slowly dissolving the fat around the waist.

3. Daikon – Best for Thinning Thighs

Just like the hump can store nutrients for camel, our thigh is also a "warehouse" for energy reserve. Thus it's very easy to accumulate fat. As daikon contains the pungent ingredient mustard oil, which can promote the metabolism of fatty substances, it can prevent the accumulation of fat under the skin. It's really an ideal choice for weight loss.

4. Tomato – Best for Thinning Abdomen

We often see some girls who look slim and graceful behind her, but if we look at her from the side, we may notice some obvious love handles. It's actually not related to fat, but because there are too much wastes accumulated in the gut. At this time, tomato and Zi Xiu Tang slimming capsules will be the super good choice for removing the love handles. Why? Because it contains rich dietary fiber that can adsorb the extra intestinal fat and clean all the toxins out. Eat a tomato before meals, no worry for love handles any more!

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