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News; How to take vegetables & healthy diet with Bee Pollen

Published: Tuesday 26 August, 2014

You may have done a lot to reduce weight,
eat healthy and eat vegetables everyday but it is hard to insist due to many
factors, try the hottest slimming product Zi Xiu Tang slimming capsules,of course, you can still combine health diet to have better effect when taking Bee Pollen, following some advice for your better weight

It is too boring to eat vegetables every

1. let your vegetables tastier. For
example, add a few drops of honey on the carrots, sprinkle some chopped nuts in
mung bean porridge.

2. juiced vegetables, take it as drinks. Of
course, you can also put several vegetable juice mixed together to create
"vegetable cocktail."

3. Let your fridge always has five or more
vegetables, allowing you to choose at any time, boiled them with water, coupled
with your favorite low-fat salad, eat 3-4 times a day, it
s not only nutritious but also low

4. Ready several "wild products",
such as lettuce, cucumber slices, spinach leaves and cooked peas or corn
kernels. Their biggest advantage is that you can always easily use them; mixing
them into the salad, adding into soup and taking along with sandwich.

5. Do not forget, vegetable soup is

6. have a new understanding of sweet
potato. Weekly eat a meal of coarse grains for health 

7. really hate vegetables? Never mind. If
you like fruit, eat a little. They are very nutritious too, especially those
colored fruits, such as oranges, mangoes and melons.

I eat very healthy, but I still overweight?

1. Be careful abut the time to eat, a lot
of "healthy recipes" who on a diet during the day will overeat at

2. Do not indulge the appetite, even if
only it is a small piece of oatmeal cookies. When you can not stop chewing it,
you may eat into the six hundred calories.

3.. ignored "dosage" in food
nutrition tables. Even low-calorie foods, eat three times of the amount is
enough to make it a diet killer!

4.. Dont take the whole bowl of nuts as snacks. Nuts are healthy, but the
heat is also high, don
t take it as snacks

5. mistakenly think that all of digestive
biscuits and juice drinks are low in fat, in fact, they are not, don
t take a lot of them



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